Urban, Abstract, Vouge Photographers

urban photographers

If you are living in a skyscraper city, then you can find many things that are simple yet beautiful to be captured in your camera. Urban photographers capture scenes like urban construction of buildings, city street fashion, humans wandering in the street, etc. To capture these wonderful pictures, you must be familiar with your very own camera, have a sharp look and different perspective. To capture a clear cut urban image, Firstly, you have to choose an area that is high enough to capture the entire scene. Secondly, use wide angle camera, which has lens of length ranging from 24mm to 35mm so that the environment is captured widely. Thirdly, observe the rhythm of the buildings. Highlight the subject to make it attractive on the screen. Fourthly, to enrich the scene, you can add visual effects to it. At last build a frame to the picture as if this gives appealing effect to the picture. So, these tips will surely help you to capture the best urban image.

Vogue photographers

Vogue is a fashion magazine, which is published every month in 19 countries. These magazines display fashion photography. Vogue photographers capture images of models and showcase them in trendy clothes, hair styles, jewelry, shoes, sunglasses and other fashion items. In the early 20th century, Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar were the two leaders of fashion photography. Irving Penn, Martin Munkacsi and Richard Avedon are some of the vogue photographers, who contributed a lot in this industry. Photographers have to update themselves with the latest trends in the industry. They have to do a deep study about the images that are published in the top magazines. They have to understand what kind of pictures must be added so that the editor gets attracted to it. Photographers need to reinvent or change their style of photography every time so as to stay in the industry for a longer time. As they succeed in this industry, they automatically become celebrities. One thing that can help you to get into this industry is your own portfolio. Certain guidelines must be followed when you submit your portfolio to the editor of fashion magazine.

Abstract photographers

Abstract photography creates dramatic images using creative and innovative imagination. Abstract photographers use different colors and patterns to create stunning image. This can be a fun thing to do. Composition is one among the important skills that every abstract photographer should know. Composition is nothing but determining the color, curves and form that are arranged in an image. 3 aspects of composition are Rule of Thirds, Golden Triangle and No Rules. Rule of Thirds is the basic approach and it requires the image to be divided both vertically as well as horizontally into thirds. Golden Triangle is another approach, where two diagonals are drawn across the image. The place of interest lies in the place, where the lines intersect each other. It is not always necessary to follow the rules. Sometimes, the imagination that sparks into your mind can also work the best.

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