Family Portrait and Newborn Photography Props & Ideas

Family photo shoot ideas

The following are some of the ideas for family portrait pose which will help you avoid what we call common photo pose mistakes


Just find out who should receive the primary importance when taking the family shoots. Sometimes it will be informed by the family members about who should be placed in their family portrait in the first place. Having the knowledge on the ages of the family members, count and the location will help you in getting some nice family photo shoot ideas for poses. Of the family have any young children or babies then their photo shoot should be scheduled before their nap time.


So how you are going to design poses for them? Make some rough drawings of different poses that you can use. It should be drafted based on the number of family members who should be covered in the photo session. Just think will you have any people who will be sitting in stools or chairs? Along with the Subject you have, make some folks in the kneeling or sitting position on the ground. It will make sense. To get some better ideas you can even search some of the photography websites with the same numbers and size constraints. Also view few basic rules of composition that made for group portraits.



Next you should need to know where suppose to be the family portrait poses should be taken? It will help you to determine the type of lighting you should use. Ensure whether the existing lighting will do or you should some fill flash and reflectors. One of the factors that can affect the family portrait pose is of course the size of the room. If you are shooting for outdoor portrait and it’s bad whether then you should execute the plan B.


The time at which you are going to shoot the family portrait plays a significant role for so many reasons. Times like eating, sleeping of the subject and lighting of the outdoor will all effect based on the time of the photo shoot.


Clothing everybody will wear can affect the family portrait poses. Normally portrait clothing can make a mark difference on how we suppose to look on the portraits. Always the portrait clothing should be chosen in accordance with the background of the photo shoot. Wearing formal clothing for the casual posing will be a very bad idea.



Family photo shoot ideas should also cover the reason behind the purpose of family portrait. Is it taken for any special occasion? Just find out what the client wish to portray through portraits and plan the pose accordingly.

Newborn photography props

Hope you have some basic ideas on family portraits now let’s explore some thing about newborn photography props.

Although we can’t call as prop always babies mum and dad are the most wonderful inclusions in the infant photography.


Apart from these some of the other newborn photography props are Hats, Fabric, and cocoon, Antique Chair Look, Baskets, Large Plush Pillows, Bowls and Trunks.


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