Different Types Of Photography To Shoot The Beautiful Pictures Of Nature

Famous photographers are famous only for not shooting the amazing photographs but they represented a fine art and show cased their art work and eagerness in every photograph they shot.

If you look into the life of any famous nature photographers you can know they impressed the world by spreading the awareness, social messages and emotions with their technical skills.

Many time famous photographers used to keep a very low profile and they won’t even reveal their wont identity to the outside world. The reason may be to stay mysterious to the general public or maybe they are shy to show up their real faces.

Famous nature photographers shot peculiar photographs which are rare and can possibly happen is some few mille seconds. Capturing such an astonishing event adds some more admirations to their profile.

In this article we mention only few famous photographers who have touched millions of hearts with their stunning photos.

Graciela Iturbide  & Mariana Yampolsky
These women have received the pride for photographing the indigenous people living in Mexico. Most of their photos have conveyed the innocence seemed on the children’s faces. They just covered the ordinary day to day life and the local; livelihood. But every photograph has conveyed the transparency and the true emotions.


Some of the other famous photographer’s in the world are Ellen Mark, Marion Pelfi and

Berenice Abbot. They all have managed to shoot stunning beautiful pictures of nature, living society and so on.

Capturing the moments through photos is always been a special and big part of the people lives. In fact we love to take the pictures our relatives, friends and ourselves. But how many of us know about photography and aware there are many different types of photography exists.

Different kinds of Photography

Amateur Photography

It is the one where we all lies in. as the name implies it is a kind of photography which is taken by the non professionals

 Aerial Photography

Aerial photography is the one you should choose whenever you want to take a beautiful picture in the landscape or top view of certain places.

Action or Adventure Photography

It’s a kind of photography which fits for all who are crazy about the adventure. Adventure photographers take the picture of adventures activities, challenges, sports events and daring feats.

Kirlian Photography

It is actually a kind of contact print photography. Here the object is placed to touch the photographic plate and is typically connected to the power source in high voltage. As a result when it creates an aura it creates an image automatically. Sometimes it s called as an aura photography.

 Time-Lapse Photography

It is one other kind of photography where in the professional camera set up is done in special way. With the aid of these settings one can take a photograph with the long exposure. It also produces some objects to indicate the lapsed time when some things are portrayed as moving objects.

Apart from these types there are two other types of photography exists which are more subtle for taking beautiful pictures of nature.


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