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Top Fashion Photographers

One among the many types of photography is the fashion photography. This is dedicated to display fashion outfits and other items. This photography is mainly done for advertising in the fashion magazines like Vogue, Allure or Vanity Fair. If you are a professional or a amateur photographer, then there is an endless opportunity in this field. To be a successful photographer, you have to work with famous fashion photographers. Bob Richardson is a renowned photographer of 1960s. He took inspiration from movie directors and learnt about camera angles and lighting effect. He is known for his work with a great fashion icon named Twiggy. Terence Donovan is a renowned fashion photographer of this time and he had added 3000 commercials to his credit. Irving Penn of 1960s was famous for his simple yet powerful photographs. His photography created an emotional feeling of detachment.

Richard Avedon had adopted new methods of photography like capturing the model pictures in the natural light. This amazing talent made different fashion magazines like “Vogue” and “Life” to hire him. Helmut Newton is also one among the top fashion photographers in the 1960s and he was successful in reaching the top notch position in this industry. His Photography contained violence and aggression. His photography has been used as a cover page for the Vogue magazine. He is from Germany but he actually started his work in Paris. His photography is displayed in the photography museum in Berlin. Nigel Barker is one among the top fashion photographer, who has managed to carve out a position in this industry. He started his career as a model and worked in that career for almost 10 years. Later on he moved to photography and opened his own studio. In the recent years, he has been working with top celebrities.

Ueno Hikoma, is a Japanese photographer. He is known for his excellent portrait photography. He has outstanding judgment capability while portraying portrait and landscape images. Donald McPherson is very notorious in the European countries. He had worked with many famous actors like Tom Cruise, Gwen Stefani, Keira Knightly, etc. He started his career as an assistant photographer and gradually he became a professional. Famous fashion magazines like Russian Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and Vanity Fair have hired him as if he possessed great photography skills. Albert Watson is just another famous name in this industry. His works are published in Vogue, Rolling Stone, The Face and Newsweek. Few brands like Revlon, Chanel and Levi’s have hired him for his amazing talent. Few names of the top 10 photographers in the 1990s are Collier Schorr, Jurgen Teller David Lachapelle, Glen Luchford and Wolfgang Tillmans. These famous fashion photographers had brought out the present day fashion photography. Michael Creagh is a fashion photographer of this era and he has been nominated in the fashion category on the 4th Annual Black and White Spider Awards. To become one among the top fashion photographers, you have to work along with professional photographer. Many people give up at the beginning but you have to push yourself forward to achieve success.